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Corporate Research Fellow (retired), 50 years industrial experience in manufacturing, engineering design, research 57 Red Fox Drive, Elkton, Maryland USA 21921

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Dear Sir or Madame

Unrelenting pollution is the primary cause of climate change, has been proven by this author to be complicit to all world coronavirus deaths, and via the proliferation of endocrine disruption chemicals (EDCs) worldwide over past four generations, is proving to affect the evolution of the sexual persuasions of humanity with increasing intensity with each successive generation.  A 2021 US Gallop study determined that the acknowledged LGBTQ population has increased from 0.8% for those born before 1946 to 2.6% for those born from 1946-1964 to 4.2% for those born from 1965-1980 to 10.5% for those born from 1985-1996 to 20.8% for those born from 1997-2003.  This is exponential growth and scientists should be attempting to provide scientific explanation(s) for this.

I have had two books published in 2023 focusing on role of pollution on World Covid Deaths - "Society, Pollution, Covid Deaths" and "Coronavirus Death Regions - Characteristics and Pathway".   Key determinations included:  (1) 97% of all world's Covid Deaths occurred in countries using the most pesticides.  Many of these are EDCs, which directly affect fertility and sexual persuasions evolved during pregnancy and puberty.  Pesticide industry has exploded to $135 billion sales over past four generations.  (2) 85% of all world’s Covid Deaths occurred in lands abutting World Seas and Oceans and resulted directly from exposure to pollution from fossil fuel drilling, refining, power generation; transportation via ship, rail, truck, auto; other high temperature manufacturing processes - steel, cement, pesticides, and plastics; and impact from proliferation of the use pesticides – application to fields and crops; evaporation; runoff to rivers, seas, and oceans; and digestion from residual pesticides in produced crops.  According to U.S. National Science Foundation in 2020 pesticides and fertilizers superseded fossil fuels as greatest contributor of sulfur emission in the environment.  These contribute to sulfur deposition via acidic rain and snow, causing a multitude of human and animal health problems and environmental degradation.  Peak sulfur concentrations from agricultural outputs are ten-fold higher than previous 20th-century sulfur levels.  Overexploitation of fossil fuels can be linked to atmospheric and chemical pollution, and their closely linked corollary—endocrine disruption.  Food contact plastics, some pesticides, flame retardants, per fluorinated compounds, and other endocrine-disrupting compounds are derived from oil, coal, or gas.  Shale gas, obtained by fracking, produces multiple EDCs.

99% of synthetic chemicals, including pesticides, are derived from fossil fuels, but receive less attention than nitrogen fertilizer, that creates dangerous levels of GHG emissions.  Research has shown that manufacture of one kilogram of pesticide requires about 10 times more energy than one kilogram of nitrogen fertilizer.

Humanity produces 430 million tons of plastics annually.  65% is short-lived products, most becoming waste filling the ocean and working into the human food chain.  Plastic waste is projected to triple by 2060 with half expected to end up in landfills and less than 20% recycled.  These are projections of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The fossil fuel industry, and its significant subsidiary industries of plastics and pesticides, are dramatically affecting the evolution of the planet and the sexual persuasions of humanity and other wildlife.  There are those who claim the LGBTQ population is morally depraved.  I would suggest that the morally depraved are actually those who manufacture and proliferate the pollution of the world from fossil fuels and their derivatives solely for short-term economic benefits.  A half century ago the chemical and military industries left behind many superfund sites that produced now banned chemicals.  Think of leaded gasoline, Freons, dioxins, PCBs, PFOAs, DDT, etc.  As of 2023 1,336 superfund sites remain on the National Priorities List in the US and its territories.  Consider how many similar sites exist across the globe.  What will be the legacy of pollution from the fossil fuel, plastics and pesticides industries be by the end of the 21st century?

Scientists, isn't it time to look at the data?  Society, isn’t it time to come out of your “bubble” of ignorance and avoidance of realty?  Investors – Governments, pensioners, Church organizations – can you justify who are you investing in?  

John S. Craven

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Received date: June 06, 2023
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Published date: June 19, 2023


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Craven JS. (2023) Editors of Health Care and Medicine. OSP Journal of Health Care and Medicine 4: HCM-4-143

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John S. Craven

Corporate Research Fellow (retired), 50 years industrial experience in manufacturing, engineering design, research 57 Red Fox Drive, Elkton, Maryland USA 21921. jcraven@zoominternet.net

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