General Relativity Is the Wrong Theory

Chun Xuan Jiang

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China

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Using space-time ring we establish the mathematical theory of space-time with subluminal and superluminal coexistence (SASC) and ILS [1].Using two methods we deduce the new gravitational formula. Tardyonic rotating motion produces the centrifugal force, but tachyonic rotating motion produces the centripetal force, that is gravity. Using it we establish the expansion theory of the universe and suggest the new universe model. We prove that in the universe there are no dark matter and no dark energy. New gravitational formula changes all that. Multiverse and gravitational waves do not exist. Theory of everything has the two forces: (1) the subluminal force (electromagnetism and weak force) and (2) superluminal force(gravity and strong force).We prove that equivalence principle does not exist. Therefore we prove that general relativity is the biggest wrong theory [11].

Key words

New Gravitational Formula; Expansion Theory of Universe

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Research Article

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Received date: June 2, 2020
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Jiang C X (2020) General Relativity Is the Wrong Theory. OSP J Phy Astronomy. 1: JPA-1-103

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Chun Xuan Jiang

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